M A J O R   G E N E R A L
commanding,  CAVALRY CORPS
Army of the potom

Fort Atkinson, Iowa 1844-45
Lac Qui Parle, MN  1845 & Ft Atkinson 1845
Military Occupation of Texas 1846
2nd Lt, 2nd US Dragoons Nov 3, 1845
War with Mexico1846-1848
May 9, 1846 Bvt 1st LT for Meritorious and Gallant service in Palo & Resaca
New Mexico 1848-49
Albuquerque, New Mexico 1849-1851
Fort Conrad, New Mexico 1851-52
Sep 30, 1849 1st Lt 2nd US Dragoons
Scouting 1852
Engaged in Apache Skirmish near the Laguna on the Jornado del Muerto NM Jan 25, 1852
On Recruitment Service 1852-3
Frontier Duty as Adjutant 2nd US Dragoons July 1, 1854 - Mar 3, 1855
Austin TX 1854
Fort Chadbourne TX 1854
Fort Leavenworth KS 1855
Sioux Expedition 1855-56
Acting Assistant Adjutant General Nov 7, 1855-July 27, 1856
Captain, 2nd Dragoons, March 3 1855, 2nd US Cavalry August 3, 1861
Florida Hostilities 1856-1857 as AAAG Dept Florida
Quelling Kansas Disturbance 1857-58 as AAAG May 31, 1857-Sep 13, 1858
AAAG Dept Oregon Oct 27, 1858-Jul 5, 1860

Organized Volunteers at Wilmington DE Apr 1861
Department of Utah June-Aug 1861
In Command of Regiment that marched to Washington City, Sep-Oct 1861
In Defense of Washington City, Nov 1861 to Mar 1862
Major, 2nd Cav Feb 15, 1862
In Virginia Penninsula Campaign, Mar - Aug 1862
Engaged in Siege of Yorktown Apr 5 - May 4, 1862
In 7 Days Operations Before Richmond June 26- Jul 2, 1862
Brigadier General, US Volunteers July 16, 1862
Covered the withdrawal of the Army of the Potomac Aug 18-19, 1862
Maryland Campaign 1862 in Command of Advanced Cavalry Division being engaged in driving enemy from Poolsville Sep 8, 1862
From Barnsville & Sugarloaf Mountain, Sep 9-11, 1862
From Frederick City & Through Cactochin Pass, Sep 12, 1862
Battle of South Mountain, Sep 14, 1862
Skirmish of Boonsboro, Sep 15, 1862
Battle of Antietam, Sep 17, 1862
Skirmish at Shepherdstown, VA Sep 19, 1862
Martinsburg VA, Oct 1, 1862
Sep 17, 1862 Brevet Lieutenant Colonel for Gallantry and Meritorious Service at Battle of Antietam, MD
Pursuit of Stewarts Cavalry & skirmish at Mouth of Monocacy Oct 12, 1862
In pursuit of & constantly harassing enemy’s cav to Warrenton VA Oct-Nov 1862
Covering the rear of the Army of the Potomac on march to Fredericksburg Nov 18, 1862
In the Rappahannock Campaign (Army of the Potomac) Virginia, Dec 1862- Jun 1863
Engaged in Battle of Fredericksburg, Dec 13, 1862
Battle of Chancellorsville, May 2-3, 1863
Commanding, Army of the Potomac Cavalry Corps, June 7, 1863 Mar 26, 1864
In Pennsylvania Campaign, June-July 1863
In Command of conflict at Beverly Ford, VA Jun 9, 1863
Skirmishes at Aldie, Middleburg, Upperville VA Jun 17-21, 1863
Major General US Volunteers, June 22, 1863
Gettysburg Jul 1-3, 1863 & pursuit of enemy to Warrenton VA Jul 1863
Brevet Colonel for Gallantry & Meritoriuos Service at Gettysburg
Engaged in Operations in Central VA & capture of Culpeper Court House Sep 1863
In Command of Action at Brandy Station VA Oct 11, 1863
Department of Missouri from Mar 23, 1864 - Feb 13, 1866
Engaged in Defense of Jefferson City, MO, OCT 8, 1864
In Command of cavalry pursuing rebels under General Price towards Fort Scott, Kansas, after harrassing him at several skirmishes, finally routed him at Battle of Marais des Cygnes, Oct 25, 1864
Brevet Brigadier General USA Mar 13, 1865 for Galantry & Meritorious Service Against Insurgent Forces under Confederate General Sterling Price in MO
Brevet Major General USA for Galantry and Meritorious Service in the field during Rebellion
On Leave of Absence Feb 13, 1866
Mustered out of Volunteer Service, Jan 15, 1866

Became a Member of the Somerset Club of Boston in 1871
Became Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) Member on April 4, 1866, Insignia #238
On May 2, 1866 Elected as MOLLUS Correspondent, New York Commander
Founding Member of the Society of the Army of the Potomac, served as Vice President (Cavalry Corps)
Mason of Franklin Lodge No. 135, Philadelphia PA 1853
President of the Cincinnati & Ohio Railroad
Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service 1871 (Appointed by President Grant)
Alfred Pleasonton was a career Army officer who graduated West Point, July 1st 1844 and was brevetted a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st US Dragoons. He served in the Mexican War and western frontiers with the 2nd US Dragoons before leading his regiment from Utah to Washington in 1861 to support the war effort. While stationed there, he kept his regiment in a constant and efficient state of readiness. Pleasonton continued to command his regiment, redesignated the 2nd US Cavalry, until receiving a promotion to Brigadier General in 1862 and selection to command a cavalry division in the Army of the Potomac. He eventually assumed command of the entire Cavalry Corps and was promoted to Major General in June, 1863. Pleasonton was engaged in numerous battles and cavalry campaigns in the east until his reassignment to the western theatre in March, 1864 where he served out the remainder of the war with distinction. He resigned from active service in 1868 and was officially retired in 1888.
Portrayed by...
Bill Fuzia
William R. (Bill) Fuzia of Seaside, Oregon, has been a civil war cavalry enthusiast for much of his life. He organized and commanded the 1st US Cavalry (Oregon) in 1989 which was then an active unit of the Sons of Veterans Reserve. Bill was also founding member of the Northwest Civil War Council and a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.

Bill is both a retired Air Force Captain and Deputy Sheriff who devotes much of his time to Civil War cavalry pursuits; an avocation that is near and dear to his heart. He has the distinct honor of being an active combatant with Co. A, 2nd U.S. Cavalry (Dragoons); one of the most respected cavalry units in the entire country. Bill is also engaged in a thorough research of his persona with an eye toward writing a proper historical biography at a later date.  He and his family are currently planning their move back to the family home in Bluefield, West Virginia.
Bill can be contacted through this web site at