Born: April.22, 1832 in Lancaster, NH
Parents: Colonel Ephriam Cross and Abigail Everett
-Left school at age 15 to become a printer with the Coos Democrat.
-In 1850 Cross traveled to Cincinnatti and becomes a printer and then a reporter for the Cincinnatti Times. Becomes correspondent in Washington City and has letters and columns printed in various periodicals including the New York Herald. Finally becoming managing editior for the Times.
Cross joins the North Star Lodge and becomes a Mason. Earning several degrees throughout his life.
-In 1857 he moves to the northern plains and soon begins publishing articles on his adventures among the Sioux and Cheyenne.
-In 1859 he becomes a shareholder in an Arizona mining venture and publishes articles on his encounters with the Apache. Becomes editor for the Weekly Arizonian. He becomes friends with Captain Richard Ewell who is garrison commander at Ft Buchanon. Becoming a scout and indian fighter.
-In 1860 Cross becomes a garrison commander in the Mexican State of Sonora with Benito Juarez' Liberal Army during the Mexican civil war.
-In 1861 he hears of the firing on Ft Sumter and returns to New Hampshire to offer his services. He gains the colonelcy of what would become the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers. He molds his men into an elite, hard hitting regiment.
-Spring & Summer 1862: participated in the Peninsula Campaign. During this period Cross supervised the construction of the Grapevine Bridge by his regiement. Built in under 24 hours it is crucial in the retreat of the Army of the Potomac after the Battle of Fair Oaks.
-September 1862: Maryland Campaign and Battle of Antietam.
-December.13, 1862: Battle of Fredericksburg.
-May. 2-3, 1863: Battle of Chancellorsville
-June.14, 1863 the 5th NHV and its brigade left their camps around Falmouth in pursuit of the Rebel Army of Northern Virginia. With Cross in command of the brigade.
-Early afternoon July.2, 1863: Cross and his brigade take position on Cemetary Ridge at Gettysburg and await orders.
-Late afternoon July.2, 1863 Cross is ordered to lead his brigade into the Wheatfield at Gettysburg. By 5:30PM the brigade had reached the edge of the Wheatfield and realligned itself before plunging into the wheat and hail of Confederate bullets. Advancing through the malestrom Cross kept his men steady and in line. Reaching the far edge of the field Cross moves to his brigade's left to see what is in front of him. It is there, next to his beloved 5th NHV that he is mortally wounded. He is carried to a farmhouse along the Taneytown Rd where he dies at midnight that evening.
-Cross' body is returned to Lancaster, NH where he is buried with full military honors and Masonic Rites.