Many people have requested to link to web pages on The general response to this question is that you may link to using normal links (<a href="/...">) as much as you want, so just go ahead and add a link to your favorite pages, which may include personal, organizational or commercial pages.
1. Modify the contents of the linked pages in any way without permission. 
2. Link to individual images or applets (for example <a href="/image.gif"> or <img src=...> directly to an image or applet). (But you may link to a page on that contains the applet/image). 
3. Give the impression that the site is part of your own website. 
4. Give the impression that your website is a part of (by using the logo or using text so the viewer  would get such a impression). 
5. Send any unsolicited mail (mail to people who have not signed up to a mailing list) that includes the address of any resource on the site. 

Other than these rules (which should not cause any problems for most sites), you are free to link to as much as you want.
You are permitted to publish or include the address of a page on this website in a newspaper, magazine, television or radio program.  It is recommended that you choose to publish the address of one of the main pages with a simple URL, such as for the main page to make it easier for your readers, viewers or listeners to find the website. However, this is simply a recommendation and what you decide to do is your choice in this regard. If the requested URL is more advanced, you are free to include it as well but please take note that it may be more difficult to use that address for your viewers/readers/listeners.  You should inform the webmaster at  [] that you are publishing the address, as it is always nice for us to know when our address is being used and published by others.
URL: Uniform Resource Locator, an address that identifies some resource, eg. the web page

Above the web page in most web browsers, this shows the address of the current web page, usually begins with