"Find out what whiskey he drinks and send all of my generals a case, if it will get the same results."
Jonathan Letterman
Major Jonathan Letterman
"Father of Battlefield Medicine"
James B. McPherson
Hamers Corners, Ohio
John A. Rawlins
Chief of Staff
of the
General Headquarters
"What a blessing that we happened to be born in this century and country!"
Robert Gould Shaw
54th Massachusetts Infantry
Godfrey Weitzel
Major General
"We took Richmond at 8:15 this morning. I captured many guns. The enemy left in great haste. The city is on fire in two places. Am making every effort to put it out. The people received us with enthusiastic expressions of joy."

Richmond, Virginia, Monday, April 3, 1865

Henry Warner Slocum
Major General
Commander, the Army of Georgia
"I would treat the South with kindness, and having extinguished the last hope in the minds of all,  for the continuance of slavery, I would adopt such measures as would soonest restore good feeling throughout the land."

Syracuse, New York, June 1865
Adelbert "Del" Ames,  Major General
Commanding the 2nd Division, XXIV Corps
Congressional Medal of Honor
Bull Run, Virginia, 21 July 1861
"The country generally will realize that we have lost not only an able military leader, but a man who had he survived, was qualified to heal the national strife which has been raised by designing and ambitious men."
Sherman in his official report of the death of McPherson.
Charles Ewing,  Brigadier General
Inspector General to
General William T. Sherman
"...I have been a democrat all my life; but it is no longer a question of politics. It is simply Union or Disunion, country or no country. I have favored every honorable compromise, but the day of compromise is past. Only one course is left for us. We will stand by the flag of our country and appeal to the God of battles."

Galena, Illinois April 15, 1861

"The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on."
Ulysses S. Grant
Lieutenant General
Don Carlos Buell
Major General
Commander, Army of the Ohio
When an injured Rebel soldier approached General Sherman in Kovington, Georgia during our March to the Sea and asked to be paroled so he could get married, Sherman handed the affair over to me.  On his parole slip I wrote "that he  should be paroled so he could get married as there is a mighty pretty girl where he stays."
James A. Garfield,  Brigadier General
Chief of Staff to
General William S. Rosecrans
20th President of the United States
March 4, 1881 - September 19, 1881
Edward Ephraim Cross
Colonel, Commander
1st Division, II Corps
Alexander Hays
Brigadier General, Commander
3rd Division, II Corps
18th President of the United States
March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877
John Ellis Wool
Major General, Commander
Department of the East
".....if I fall leave me until the battle is won. Stand firm and fire low. Shoulder arms! Forward ...MARCH!"
At Gettysburg, on July 2d 1863, Cross was mortally wounded in the Wheatfield at 6 PM leading his brigade.
"Humanity teaches us that a wounded and prostrate foe is no longer our enemy".
Thomas C. Devin, Colonel
3rd U.S. Cavalry
"Buford's Hard Hitter"
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In 1861, General Wool was seventy-seven years old, and in seniority and rank, he was second only to General Winfield Scott.
Rufus Ingalls
Brigadier General
Chief Quartermaster
Army of the Potomac