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Lincoln's Generals
Participation Policy:

• Members are invited and strongly encouraged to attend as many events as possible.
Annual Dues Policy:

• Membership dues and fees for 2013 will be $40.00 for an individual membership and $50.00 for a family membership.
• Membership dues and fees are collected on an annual basis and are payable in full by January 1st of each fiscal year.
• A member whose dues are unpaid at the time of the annual elections may not vote, nor hold office.
• Members with invoices outstanding for 90 days or more will be removed from membership.
• Membership dues and fees are non-refundable.
• Checks or money orders can be made payable to:
"Lincoln's Generals", and mailed to the treasurer or to:
Lincoln's Generals
          PO Box 3602
          Gettysburg, PA 17325

Fiscal Year Policy:

"Lincoln's Generals" operates with the calendar year as its fiscal year
Membership Policy:

• Membership in
"Lincoln's Generals" is open to all persons who support the objectives of the association and contribute to its support in an amount to be determined.
• Formal admission to membership is required and the entry in the Registry of Members by the Chairman of the Membership Committee of the name and address of any individual will constitute admission to membership in
"Lincoln's Generals".
• Memberships are not transferable.
• Membership will cease upon the death of a member, or if by notice in writing that he/she resigns his/her membership, or if he/she ceases to qualify for membership in accordance with these policies.
Voting Policy:

• All paid members in good standing with
"Lincoln's Generals" have the right to cast votes on any subject at any membership meeting. Individual and family memberships are entitled to one vote.
All votes shall be by voice, except for the election of officers.

• There will be three (3) officers consisting of a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer .
• The Presidnet
• The Vice President
• The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the records made at board and membership meetings in an organized, easily accessible location. The secretary shall also keep track of the company's legal documents, such as its articles of incorporation and bylaws. Duties as treasurer include creating each year's budget along with the association's president and keeping track of charitable gifts or donations made to the association.

"Lincoln's Generals" Association is a non-profit association. As such, we do not give profits to the association's officers' or members. Instead, we direct any profit toward efforts to accomplish the association's goals.

Application Process:

Membership is by invitation only based on Eligibility Criteria. Applicatns who meet all the following criteria may be considered for membership

"Lincoln's Generals" Association has adopted membership procedures that allow for strategic growth through the addition of members that demonstrate goals, actions, policies and public statements xxx that are consistent with the mission and goals of the Association. The membership procedures consist of a multi-step targeted process, which is outlined below.

• STEP 1 Application Process
Applying for membership in the Association is now online simplifying and speeding up the process. Anyone interested in membership must submit an online application."applicant"

• STEP 2 Review Process
The Membership Committee will review applications to determine those applications that will be

• STEP 3 Invitation Process
Prospective members will receive a written membership letter of invitation upon approval of the official Membership Review Process


• STEP 4 Probation Process
"candidate" period not to exceed 24 months
"defend" before a board, to prove (as a doctoral thesis) valid by answering questions in an oral exam
a five member board to be made up of at least one member each from the infantry, the artillery, and the cavalry and two "general" officers
no minimum time required
the board can be convened at the recommendation of the candidates "coach" the board
the board shall be convened after one year, members may vote to promote the candidate to member, they may vote to continue the candidates probationary period for up to but not exceed one year, or they may vote to deny the candidate membership
if the candidate period is extended beyond one year, the board must vote either up or out.

Upon successfully completing the candidate process and defense, the "candidate" shall be promoted to member status with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.