Membership Committee Members: These are the individuals who reply to inquiries and process new membership applications.

Our civilian reenactors support "Lincoln's Generals" at reenactments, period balls (dances) and "winter camp" living history demonstrations.
All recruits are assigned a mentor, a seasoned veteran of "Lincoln's Generals", in order to receive personal instruction in regard to our authenticity standards.
Is Our Keystone
"Veteran Reserve Corps"
If you would like more information, send us an e-telegraph at:


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John Warsing, Chairman
Dan Moran, Recruiting Officer
Dave Bonham, Recruiting Officer
We are ACTIVELY recruiting new members who share the same passion for history. If you have at least five (5) years American Civil War re-enacting experience and/or a “portfolio” of experience as a living historian and you are interested in joining LINCOLN’S GENERALS, click [HERE] and fill out an on-line application or click on the "On Line Membership Application" button.
Membership is open to all military ranks and specialties and the following civilian occupations in accordance with Army regulations:
•  Cooks
•  Nurses
•  Servants
•  Laundress
•  Sutlers
•  Journalists and Photographers
•  Aides and Aide de Camps
•  Teamsters
•  Mechanics
•  Chaplains
•  Politicians
"LINCOLN'S GENERALS" are HISTORIANS who are collectively engaged in investigating, interpreting and recreating  the past as faithfully and accurately as possible. When we “put on the wool”, the clock is turned back to the era of the American Civil War, 1861 - 1865. Gone are modern anachronisms. We slip out of who we are and into the persona of our impression.
We are looking for soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty and have been medically discharged who would like to perform garrison duties as guards, nurses or clerks in  our
We invite you to tell the stories of the contributions of the Civil War’s “convalescent wounded”.