What we do
Reenactments commemorating major military actions
At reenactments held at locations established to commemorate major military actions, "LINCOLN'S GENERALS" establishes a "campaign headquarters"
At reenactments not directly associated with a battlefield, "LINCOLN'S GENERALS" sets up a "winter camp". Winter camps allowed the armies to cease major combat operations in favor of much-needed down-time, which the soldiers used to rest, participate in camp activities and train for the next season of warfare. Winter camp was also a time for soldiers to reconnect with their families.
Living History and educational programs
“Living History” is a tool used by HISTORIANS to engage the public and inspire them through entertaining interactions to investigate the past. It allows the audience to experience history by transcending from a two-dimensional book to a three-dimensional character.
Used in a teaching setting, "Living History" allows the student to inquire about life of a time past. It allows the visual, sensory, and auditory learners access to the past in a way no other medium in teaching can match. "Living History" makes history personal to the student, and they will long remember the experience.
The individual experiences, events, or ideas we present are chosen and expressed in such a way as to portray the full contributions or "personalities" of the individuals whose history we are commemorating and to further public interest in park resources.
Our uniforms and equipment are either original to the period or are the most accurate reproductions that we are able to obtain.
“Living History” enables the public to suspend belief and travel in time through their mind’s eye to a point in the past and give them a glimpse of what life was like.
Living history remains the best mode of presenting and provoking thought about the past.