Hiram ‘Henry’ Cale Rodgers was born on October 6, 1834 in Herkimer County, New York.  He enrolled in the 27th Regiment, New York Volunteers, commanded by then-Colonel Henry W. Slocum, on May 17, 1861 to serve a two-year term.  He was elected Captain of Company D, which was from the Binghamton (Broome County), New York area.  With Captain Rodgers in command of Company D, it and the rest of the regiment were confirmed and accepted by the State Military Board, General Order Number 208, on May 21, 1861.  On July 16, 1861, the regiment was assigned to the First Brigade, Sixteenth United States Infantry, Second Division under the command of Colonel David Hunter.  During the battle of First Bull Run, both Rodgers and his commanding officer, Slocum, were wounded.  While Slocum was recovering, he was appointed to the rank of Brigadier General and the command of a brigade.  General Slocum brought Captain Rodgers with him to serve as his assistant adjutant general at the brigade level.  He was discharged on July 20, 1862 from the 27th New York under Special Order 51, Headquarters, Sixth Army Corps and assigned to duty as Assistant Adjutant General on General Slocum’s staff.  He was commissioned as a Captain on July 4, 1861, with a date of rank from May 2, 1861 to match his original date of rank with the 27th New York.
     Rodgers served in the capacity of assistant adjutant general, with General Slocum, throughout the Peninsula Campaign of 1862.  In fact, General Slocum commended the actions of Captain Rodgers in his report of the action of Gaines’ Mill on May 7, 1862.  When General Slocum was assigned to a division command, Rodgers followed him to that post with a promotion to Major, again serving as the assistant adjutant general.  General Slocum again commends Major Rodgers for his work at the division’s action of Crampton’s Pass on September 14, 1862.  When Slocum was assigned to command the Twelfth Corps, Army of the Potomac on October 20, 1862, Rodgers followed serving in the same position.  As the command-level increased, so did his rank, and he was appointed to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on January 1, 1863.  During the Army’s reorganization following Lieutenant General Grant’s appointment as commanding general of all the Union armies, General Slocum was transferred to the western theater of operations.  Lieutenant Colonel Rodgers would accompany General Slocum to that theater and continue to serve as assistant adjutant general.  During the Carolina Campaign, General Slocum would appoint Rodgers to the position of Assistant Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, Left Wing, Army of Georgia.  That appointment brought another promotion to the rank Colonel.  Colonel Rodgers would earn one additional promotion and that was to the grade of Brevet Brigadier General on March 13, 1865, which was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 12, 1866.

     Henry married Sarah Antoinette Mather on December 10, 1863.  Mrs. Rodgers was born on September 22, 1840, the second daughter of the Honorable John C. Mather and Alvah Porter Mather, and would pass away at tender age of 26 on September 28, 1867.  Prior to Mrs. Rodgers’ passing, Sarah and Henry are blessed with a daughter, also named Sarah.  Henry would follow his beloved wife, Sarah, on May 6, 1897.  Their daughter would join them in rest in October 15, 1902 at the age of 35.

Post war career:  Lawyer with a practice in Binghamton, NY and an active member in the New York National Guard until his death.