M A J O R   G E N E R A L
Name SHERMAN, William Tecumseh "Cump"
Born February 8 1820, Lancaster OH
Died February 14 1891, New York NY
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1840, artillery duty, travelled widely in the South, Mexican war, served in Pacific Division, resigned US Army 1853, banker, lawyer, realtor, superintendent of a Louisiana military academy.
War Service May 1861 Col. of 13th US Infantry, May 1861 appointed Brig. Gen. of Volunteers, commanded a brigade at First Bull Run, served in Kentucky but was relieved because of instability, commanded Dist of Cairo, commanded 5th Divn/Army of the Tennessee at Shiloh (w), May 1862 promoted Maj. Gen. of Volunteers, Chickasaw Bluffs, Arkansas Post, commanded XV Corps in Vicksburg campaign, July 1863 promoted Brig. Gen. Regular Army, Missionary Ridge, commanded Divn of the Mississippi, Red River campaign, Meridien campaign, Atlanta campaign, August 1864 promoted Maj. Gen. in Regular Army, March to the Sea, Carolinas campaign.
Post War Career Army service, commanded the Division of the Mississippi, Indian campaigns, general-in-chief after Grant's election to the presidency, retired 1883, author.
Notes A fierce commander, hated in the South but had a vision of modern war.
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